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Original Articles

Can Different Subsets of Ineffective Esophageal Motility Influence the Outcome of Nissen Fundoplication?
Aleksandar P. Simić , Ognjan M. Skrobić , Richard R. Gurski , Vladimir M. Šljukić , Nenad R. Ivanović & Predrag M. Peško

Two Stages Conversion of Failed Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding to Laparoscopic Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass. A Study of One Hundred Patients
Sergio Carandina , Malek Tabbara , Manuela Bossi , Nada Helmy , Claude Polliand & Christophe Barrat

Primary Sleeve Gastrectomy Compared to Sleeve Gastrectomy as Revisional Surgery: Weight Loss and Complications at Intermediate Follow-up
Allison M. Barrett , Kim T. Vu , Kulmeet K. Sandhu , Edward H. Phillips , Scott A. Cunneen & Miguel A. Burch

Race/Ethnicity Is Predictive of Lymph Node Status in Patients with Early Gastric Cancer
Shinichi Fukuhara , Mariko Yabe , Marissa M. Montgomery , Shinobu Itagaki , Steven T. Brower & Martin S. Karpeh

Feeding Jejunostomy Tube Placement in Patients Undergoing Pancreaticoduodenectomy: An Ongoing Dilemma
Daniel P. Nussbaum , Sabino Zani , Kara Penne , Paul J. Speicher , Sandra S. Stinnett , Bryan M. Clary , Rebekah R. White , Douglas S. Tyler & Dan G. Blazer

High Performing Whipple Patients: Factors Associated with Short Length of Stay after Open Pancreaticoduodenectomy
Grace C. Lee , Zhi Ven Fong , Cristina R. Ferrone , Sarah P. Thayer , Andrew L. Warshaw , Keith D. Lillemoe & Carlos Fernández-del Castillo

Timing of Intervention in Necrotizing Pancreatitis
Qiang Guo , Ang Li , Qing Xia , Huimin Lu , Nengwen Ke , Xiaojiong Du , Zhaoda Zhang & Weiming Hu

Predictors of Negative Intraoperative Findings at Emergent Laparotomy in Patients with Cirrhosis
Elliot B. Tapper , Vilas Patwardhan , Laura M. Mazer , Byron Vaughn , Gail Piatkowski , Amy R. Evenson & Raza Malik

Expression of Bile Duct Transcription Factor HNF1β Predicts Early Tumor Recurrence and Is a Stage-Independent Prognostic Factor in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Ray-Hwang Yuan , Hong-Shiee Lai , Hey-Chi Hsu , Po-Lin Lai & Yung-Ming Jeng

Validation of an Acoustic Gastrointestinal Surveillance Biosensor for Postoperative Ileus
Brennan M. R. Spiegel , Marc Kaneshiro , Marcia M. Russell , Anne Lin , Anish Patel , Vartan C. Tashjian , Vincent Zegarski , Digvijay Singh , Samuel E. Cohen, Mark W. Reid , Cynthia B. Whitman , Jennifer Talley , Bibiana M. Martinez & William Kaiser

Clostridium difficile Infection After Colorectal Surgery: A Rare but Costly Complication
Rachelle N. Damle , Nicole B. Cherng , Julie M. Flahive , Jennifer S. Davids , Justin A. Maykel , Paul R. Sturrock , W. Brian Sweeney & Karim Alavi

What Is the Risk of Clinical Anastomotic Leak in the Diverted Colorectal Anastomosis?
Jennifer Leahy , David Schoetz , Peter Marcello , Thomas Read , Jason Hall , Patricia Roberts & Rocco Ricciardi

Crohn’s Disease but not Diverticulitis Is an Independent Risk Factor for Surgical Site Infections in Colectomy
Matthew Wideroff , Yunfan Xing , Junlin Liao & John C. Byrn

Lymph Node Ratio Improves TNM and Astler-Coller’s Assessment of Colorectal Cancer Prognosis: an Analysis of 761 Node Positive Cases
Renato Costi , Filippo Beggi , Valeria Reggiani , Matteo Riccò , Pellegrino Crafa , Melissa Bersanelli , Francesco Tartamella , Vincenzo Violi , Luigi Roncoroni & Leopoldo Sarli

Baseline Mortality-Adjusted Survival in Resected Rectal Cancer Patients
Ignazio Tarantino , Sascha A. Müller , Rene Warschkow , Yakup Kulu , Bruno M. Schmied , Markus W. Büchler & Alexis Ulrich

Prognostic Implications of the Number of Retrieved Lymph Nodes of Patients with Rectal Cancer Treated with Preoperative Chemoradiotherapy
In Ja Park , Chang Sik Yu , Seok-Byung Lim , Yong Sik Yoon , Chan Wook Kim , Tae Won Kim , Jong Hoon Kim & Jin Cheon Kim

Case Report

The First Clinical Application of the Spiral Intestinal Lengthening and Tailoring (Silt) in Extreme Short Bowel Syndrome
T. Cserni , B. Biszku , I. Guthy , F. Dicso , L. Szaloki , S. Folaranmi , F. Murphy , G. Rakoczy , A. Bianchi & A. Morabito

How I do it

Laparoscopic Morgagni Hernia Repair: How I Do It
Adrian Park & Courtney Doyle

Review Articles

Systematic Review of Early Surgery for Chronic Pancreatitis: Impact on Pain, Pancreatic Function, and Re-intervention
Catherine J. Yang , Lindsay A. Bliss , Emily F. Schapira , Steven D. Freedman , Sing Chau Ng , John A. Windsor & Jennifer F. Tseng

From Heller to POEM (1914–2014): A 100-Year History of Surgery for Achalasia
P. Marco Fisichella & Marco G. Patti

GI Images

Congenital Intestinal Duplication in an Adult
Meha Goyal , Hector Ivan Saucedo-Crespo & Francis Joseph Welsh

Retroperitoneal Unicentric Castleman’s Disease—A Hyaline Vascular Challenge
Archer Kilbourne Martin & John A. Stauffer

Letters to the Editor

Few Comments on “Laparoscopic Splenectomy: Perioperative Management, Surgical Technique, and Results”
Yunqiang Cai & Xubao Liu

The Importance of Evidence to Validate Clinical Practice and Its Significance in Making Recommendations
P. Marco Fisichella

Open Appendectomy with Invagination of the Stump Rather than Laparoscopic Appendectomy—Are We Really Serious?
Deepraj S. Bhandarkar

Response to Letter to the Editor
Michael E Kelly & Des C. Winter

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